Low poly 3d models

Man Nature Office People Plants. Robot Technology Trees Vehicles Woman. Special Offer! Off : : : Selected items only. See more offers in My Account. Low Poly 3D Models. Opencast Mines - Ground Hole. Realistic Male Body. Golden Collection Vol 1. Rigged and Animated Horse. Buteo Jamaicensis 'Red-tailed Hawk'. Athlete Female. Low Poly City Vehicles vol. Pair of Bird Wing [C4D].

Spizella Arborea 'American Tree Sparrow'. Realistic Female Hand - source file. Humpback Whale Rigged.

low poly 3d models

Medical Equipment Collection 15 in 1. Rigged Cartoon Male Hero. A7L Apollo and Skylab Spacesuit. Neuron Set. Tesla Model S and Frame Collection. Cow Holstein. Car Wreck Pack.

low poly 3d models

Human Anatomy - Eye Section. Realistic Male Rigged. Low Poly Tree Set. Rigged and Animated Horse V2 Clydesdale. African Elephant Rigged. Archmodels vol. Asian Woman.These models contain a significantly smaller number of polygons and therefore require less computing power to render. Models which have fewer polygons are best used in real time applications that require fast processing, like virtual reality VRaugmented reality ARmixed reality MRcross reality XR and games, especially mobile games.

Choose from our collection of rigged and animated models to easily use them in your real-time applications.

Get 3D assets for environments, pick props, objects or buy complete 3D model collections, bundles and packs with everything your game might need. Save development time and costs, make prototype experiences or use 3D models as placeholders in your project. To find models that render predictably in various engines, use the PBR filter next to the search bar. Formats Autodesk 3ds Max. ZPrj Autodesk Revit. License Exclude Editorial. Low-poly Reset filters. Lowpoly PBR.

Rigged Lowpoly PBR. Rigged Animated Lowpoly. Couldn't find what you're looking for? Request a custom 3D model. Per page: 36 72 Man Nature Office People Plants. Robot Technology Trees Vehicles Woman. Special Offer! Off : : : Selected items only.

Low-poly 3D models

See more offers in My Account. If you're looking for more game ready content, try these premium low poly 3D models! Free Low Poly 3D Models. Apricot 02 Hi Poly. Simple Stool. Statuette of a Sheep with a barrel. Free SF Fighter. Realistic Wolf Maya Rig. Tree Frog Rigged and Animated. Classic Water Fountain. Round rosette Inciucio Pendant Lamp. Magnifier Lamp. Parma Wall Light.

Wonderland Mirror. Calee Pendants. Kitchen Chef's Knife. Opal Lampshades. Dauphine Floor Lamp. Pull Floor Lamp. Moon Lounge Table. Tama Console. Ring Wall Lamp. Strike Pendant Lamp.

Bridger Oval Side Table. Spilla Lamp.Toggle navigation. Free 3D Models x. Join Clara. Start Creating! JS, Three. JS formats for use in Clara. Vehicles — carsportscarshipboatplanetruck People — womanfemalegirlmanmaleboyhumanpeoplebodysexy Combat — gunswordsoldiertank Science Fiction — robotstar warsspaceshipspace Architecture — housetreesofatablebuildingchaircitykitchenbedlamp Other — pokemoncharacterminecraftanimeshoebagnikedragon. We have recently updated our Content Guidelines. Default Likes Copies Views Recent.

All Downloadable. Low Poly Fox by PixelMannen by cat2k Vans Authentic Shoe Low Poly by hugomarques Pirate Ship Fat by raspofabs 68 6. Camero - Low Poly by Jason Shoumar Nike Air Max - Low Poly by gentrydavidson 1.

Nike Air Max - Low Poly by nishizaki 2. Eric Rigged by Renderpeople 98 4.

Low Poly 3D Models

Nike Air Max - Low Poly by mrjfk86 87 1. Nike Air Max - Low Poly by awsomesauce23 69 0. Pirate Ship Giant by raspofabs 50 5. Nike Air Max - Low Poly by sameera 44 1.

How to create low-poly 3D models

Prev Upload Files.I would have loved to have all items individually packed in seperate files. As I did not need the city itself I had to manually extract each item.

low poly 3d models

I would like to buy a model with scenes settings for rendering. I think you will greatly increase your sales. After the purchase, I found a problem with the normals. During the day, the author all fixed and sent me model. Welcome to the Low Poly Lab! We are a small team that creates 3D models, we love Low Poly style and want to improve it. In this digital store we gathered all of our best 3D models and every day we improve our skills to create the most suitable product for you.

We don't just do our job, we really enjoy it. We are open to cooperation at any time. Lost Password? Featured 3D Models Most popular models. By: lowpolylab. Free 3D Models Make your projects even better with our free models. Low Poly Mill on Island 3D model. Low Poly Airship 3D Model. About Low Poly Lab A few words about us. Learn more about us.

Why people buy our models Benefits due to which you should pay attention to us. Clear hierarchy of models.These days the mere mention of real-time art conjures up images of meticulously sculpted models whose eye straining details have been transferred to a lower polygon game model. Although this type of artwork does seem to dominate the industry, as well as many online tutorials, there is another equally important end of the scale which needs attention.

Generating a 20, polygon model is one thing, but what about one with just ? A fraction of that overly generous budget. When you're working within such a tight budget you can afford to give yourself a head start and begin with basic primitives. Although simplistic, these shapes will form the foundations for each element of this scene.

For the island you could use a sphere to be your starting point. This will give you the initial shape you need, but will also give you unwanted triangles at either end. Ideally you want to keep the model quad based to begin with.

Using a cube, with two smooth operations applied, will give you a good quad based sphere shape to begin with. This can then be halved to create the starting point for the island. The treasure chest will take a little more work, but is still quite simplistic due to fact you only have a few polygons to play with.

The chest can begin life as a scaled cube, with a pentahedron sitting on top. The upper edge of the lid can then be bevelled to round it off, while also keeping the geometry neat and evenly spaced.

Finally, tilt the lid back a little to tease passing sailors with the booty it holds. Start with a low resolution cylinder, with 10 subdivisions round its axis. There is no point going any higher as you will only end up removing the extra geometry later. Remove the caps as the top and bottom will be hidden anyway, and then shape and taper the cylinder to give you your bent tree trunk. Instead you can rely on the texture to give you the detail you need with a well painted Alpha map to give you the transparency.

For now though you need some geometry to work onto, and this is where a simple, shaped polygon plane will work well. You have the main elements of the scene now so position them to create your treasure island.

If it helps, also add some basic colours so you can visualize the scene better, and also include any extras you feel the scene may need. At this stage the scene should be around polygons, so we are right on budget with some room to breathe. As it stands, the scene is good to go. The only issue is the intersecting geometry of the island, the tree trunk and the chest.

Now this may not be an issue with your specific game engine, but you may find that once in game, some of the polygons will fight for domination in the scene and cause flickering. To help prevent this you now need to combine the models, and simply cut and weld each element together. If you took the time to make the model seamless, well done, but you will no doubt have added in more geometry in the process so your polygon count will now be around We are still under budget, but there are areas you can optimize to claw back some geometry which could be used elsewhere.If you are searching for high poly or real-time 3D assets, we have a leading digital art library for all your needs.

This category covers 3D aircraft. CG airplanes will fit into simulations, visualizations, advertisements and videos. Drone bodies and parts will delight fans of tiny flying vehicles. And the rigged models are ready to be imported into game engines. The collection of 3D fauna - catshorsesbearsrhinoseagleslions and more - can be found here. The CG 3D animals will satisfy the needs of advertisements or static scenes. We also have rigged animal models for games. This category contains elements and details of architecture, construction and engineering design.

To buy or download a free 3D model, browse the categories below. You can use models for animation or games - some of them are rigged and low poly. Browse architectural exteriors from facades, urban buildings to landscape objects, residential houses, industrial constructions, and full scale 3D city models. This category contains realistic 3D elements and details of architecture, construction and engineering interior design.

You can use these 3D models for animation or games - some of them are rigged and low poly. Car category contains automobile 3D models, low poly versions of which will be attractive to game designers, others - to film makers or advertisers.

How to Make Low Poly 3D Model

In this category you will find 3D models of humanpeople, sci-fi, clothing and other. From heart and hand to detailed realistic male or female models. A number of the models are rigged and could be easily added to your game or animation.

Electronics is a category for architects, interior decorators, level designers, scene makers and other creatives. Food helps to create realistic scenes of domestic life. Advertisements for restaurants, AR applications for healthier eating. This category is meant for anyone involved with architecture and interior design, as well as advertisers. Household item 3D models are used to give details to rooms.

You can put a 3D dinner set on the table, or have pepper and salt containers to complete kitchen interior, maybe put some lights and flowers near the bed to create luxurious feel. Construction materials, engineering tools, machinery and containers that provide both environmental details and interactive, rigged elements.

This is perfect for simulation game developers or people building construction yard level. This category contains 3D models of flora organisms such as flowers, treesgrass, creepers, greenery, herbs, perennials, seedlings, shoots, shrubs, slips, sprouts, vines, weed. This category contains 3D models related to medicine, biology, physics, chemistry and technology, such as laboratory equipment, microscopic bodies and subatomic world. Look no further, cellskull and skeleton 3D models can be found here.


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