Kemper presets

The Normal Channel is thick and warm, with a treble booster you will find yourself playing Brian May licks.

List of Kemper Amp profiles out of box????

Think Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters. Expect to find chime, focused midrange, a tighter bass and British EL84 tone of your dreams!

kemper presets

Gone is the loose bottom end that can sound like the amp is falling apart which makes a profile pack well suited for Rock tones or anyone who likes the vibe of an overdriven AC30 sound. Imagine a giant AC 30 with more breath and a tighter bass….

While the circuit will feel similar to some Match style amps the speaker here gives some added warmth that translates into bit less high end and consequently a bit more Rock!

Channel 1 profiles feature the 12AX7 side of the amp with 2 EQs. Channel 2 is an EF86 with a 6 position tone Switch. Tone of option between the 52 profiles inside! We profiled this circuit thru an Eminence Patriot Texas Heat Speaker which provides extra fullness that these style circuits can lack. We profiled the amp with 3 EQ variations and several of out fav ODs.

kemper presets

The pack contains 3 speaker compliments that provide an array of colors from this 6L6 tweed monster. The clean channel C is all American. Profiles marked R utilize the Rhythm pull switch which adds a crunchy break up to the first channel.

The Lead profiles L capture a searing lead voice with or without bright switch B. These circuits are famous for their beautiful, harmonically rich and full tweed tone. The Everything Pack includes every single pack you for sale on the Tone Junkie site. Playing large open rock chords will be extremely addictive with this pack! Grab a guitar slap an open chord and if your ear is good enough you can whistle and pick out the harmonics. These profiles almost sound as though there are extra strings on the guitar ringing out!

To pull out the maximum versatility we profiled this circuit thru 3 different speakers. We captured profiles thru two speaker cabs, the built in 10 inch Jensen P10s and some s Jensen Concert series 12 inch speaker.This preset sounds huge in stereo and is really great for moody ambient stuff.

This one is pretty unique, you don't often hear dirt reverbs like this one. Dialed in to "edge" of with plenty of sparkle and chime and some washy rhythmic delay. You too can get these tones for free with these Free Profiles! As explained in our Kemper Tips and Tricks video, a more transparent OD is achievable by pairing an EQ block with a green scream block.

Check out how we have dialed in a transparent OD tone for the "65 Lowman profile 2". We have used the EQ remove the Green Screams midrange hump. Here is a really great example of a mod verb using the mod verb hack in the Kemper. This "Vibrato verb" send a the vibrato wet signal only into the reverb block.

Check it out! HW explains how this parameter lets us apply any effect to just the reverb trails! The settings were taken from amps backstage at a Bethel event. The Morph function fades out the vibrato from the verse and fades in a boost for the chorus. There is also an octave down effect for the single note riff. The trick to this type of amp saturation from a delay is to place a delay in front of the amp block in the Kemper.

This simulates the sound of a delay pushing the input of a vintage style amp with no effects loop. It's a more "lively" sound. The first delay is a Single delay with modulation which runs into the second delay, "Quad to verb" delay. Download coming soon. This one is Epic!!! It's ethereal full and lush.

If you thought the Kemper couldn't do Big sky type verb, this one is for you. It sits back behind your playing without sounding dark but is so full it covers a full spectrum.Not a member yet? Sign up. Forgot your Password? Registered users can post to the public part of the user discussion forum. Registered owners can download OS updates and enjoy access to the private part of the user forum.

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Remember me. Sign up Forgot your Password? Email address Email is required Please enter a valid email address This Email is already registered. Email address re-type Email confirmation doesn't match Email. Username This username is already registered Please enter a username The input is too short Your username must contain at least one letter Your username must contain at least one capital letter Your username must contain at least one lowercase letter Your username must contain at least one numeric character Your username must contain at least one special character e.Would appreciate if someone could post a list of the preset profiles and how many available slots for user profiles.

The files are just 3,8 kb so you'll probably be able to put some on to the unit Sorry but I cannot write everything down, this is a list of the amps that were profiled out of the box, a lot more has been already shared from the users:. Mesa Dual Goldie??? Sansamp Vibrolux RainHeart??? You're welcome! I have profiled a couple of my amps and cabs and I tried to fill out all important fields. Not sure if my profiles all beginning with "Hoss" made it into the shipping unit.

Hello Hoss, good job! But how do you make that, to create cab files and others which are directly placed into the kemper cab presets during import? Thank you, but it's not the answer at my question Hoss succeed to make the kemper drive directly some cabpresets in the cab list during the import from usb shared files How could we place a cab preset a cab from the cab list directly in the shared files which will be recognized as cab preset?

Well, if Hoss did it the best is to ask him I was surprised, but you can try it with dunload his profiles and import it We must wait Hosses return to the forum What guitarnet70 says: Just save the CAB hold down button on front panel and when you backup your rigs on the USB stick they will be in the cabinet folder. When you export your profils there were inputseffects etc profils too,have you create yourself cabinets files, rigs files, inputs files and so one, in the usb share files?

kemper presets

Or does the kemper do that normaly himself? Once you did that the backup create the cab folder on the USB key when you export backup creates a single file.

Sorry but I cannot write everything down, this is a list of the amps that were profiled out of the box, a lot more has been already shared from the users: AC30 several different models with several different Mics Mesa Roadking Marshall TLS60 Mesa Mark IV Few amps from a modeler coded as Fan Quote from hoss.

Kemper Factory Presets - Nico Schliemann KPA

Quote from JoeBlob. Quote from airwin. OK, thank you very much, so it's clear for me, i'll try this this evening. Quote from guitarnet Quote from muelrich. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript.Our mission is simple: to provide professional-quality profiles for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier at musician-friendly prices.

We take great pride in our company and in the profiles we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure purchasing environment. The profiles are not for resale or any other unlicensed distribution, free or compensated.

All amp brands are trademarked by their respective owners and are in no way affiliated with Top Jimi Profiles. The profiles simply seek to re-create the sound of the amplifiers listed and any use of brand names is strictly for comparison and descriptive purposes. Log in Sign up. Cart 0. Welcome to Top Jimi Profiles Our mission is simple: to provide professional-quality profiles for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier at musician-friendly prices.

Featured Profile Packs. Legendary Tones Series -- Ozzy Pack. Legendary Tones Series -- Led Pack. Legendary Tones Series -- Sabbath Pack.

Legendary Tones Series -- Queen Pack. Dummble Pack. Cantrell Pack. Caswell AFD Pack.

Kemper Amp

BEye Pack. Legendary Tones Bundle. HIgh Gain Bundle. Medium Gain Bundle 2. Medium Gain Bundle 1.Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. List of Kemper Amp profiles out of box???? Aug 28, 1. Messages: When I think of the thousands of dollars I've dropped on gear over the years, and always having that "not quite satisfied feeling", I can't help but feel had I just dropped 2K on either a Kemper or Axe FX I'd be way more ahead emotionally and financially.

The Boss GT is the closest I've come to in terms of having the most desirable sounds in a board, but I find I'm dissapointed the moment I take off my HD headphones and plug it into amps, Tech 21 powered cabs, etc.

I'm hoping the Kemper also excels in this manner. Cheers all. KelsterVonShredsterAug 28, Aug 28, 2. Aug 28, 3. This list seems to be what you are looking for Aug 28, 4. Messages: 5, The list out of box is kinda pointless as they keep offering more plus there's the free user created ones plus the commercial profiles.

There's got to be close to profiles available by now. Unless you are looking for something pretty far off the beaten path or very rare, chances are there are multiple profiles any amp you need available. Will ChenAug 28, Aug 28, 5. Awesome guys, thanks for the speedy replies!!!! Aug 28, 6.

kemper presets

Messages: 1, I really spent little time as I knew what sounds I wanted and would use. Aug 28, 7. Here's another with info about the KPA. DengAug 28, Aug 28, 8.

Messages: 4, Do a search on the best free Kemper profiles and check some of those out. There are some great ones out esp. One great thing about the kemper is that tweaking and saving a profile eq, effects takes about 5 seconds once you get used to it. Also as others have mentioned the Amp Factory profiles are the bestFor decades, the electric guitarist has been shackled to the tube amplifier as the only means of achieving "that sound".

This magical combination is by no means ideal - the challenge to achieve a consistent sound from the practice room to the studio, and especially to the stage, continues to frustrate guitarists, just as it has since the early s. Click to enlarge. We use proprietary digital technology to analyze the sonic DNA of your amp. Now, you can go way beyond the boundaries of the original amp and tweak everything to your liking. Use the gain control and equalizer to adapt the sound to your guitar. Add power sagging to the distortion and tweak the power of your pick attack without compression.

You can even exchange the cabinet later on. It was never easier to have a unique and consistent tone in every situation. In addition, you can access and explore another couple hundred Rigs that come bundled in our free Rig Manager software. This premier selection of factory Rigs grants you access to the rarest and finest amps on the planet. We are constantly refining, updating and extending our free-to-use libraries by fine-tuning the existing catalog and by adding brand new, licensed content.

Our goal is to allow our users to explore the full spectrum of guitar culture and heritage, which is why we have strived to create the widest range of PROFILEs in every possible genre.

List Amps profiled for factory content. Guitarists can now move freely between projects - the PROFILEs of their guitar rigs allowing them to do overdubs or alternative takes whenever they like. You could rent a professional studio for a day or two to create the best PROFILEs of your amps, and then record in your project studio later - you'll have the exact sound of the professional studio, but with all the time in the world.

Think reamping … Imagine you're working on the final mix of an album - wouldn't it be great to reamp tracks with the exact same sound and response, without having to rebuild the entire recording setup for each song? You will sound better than ever before through the PA. In fact, you don't have to carry a cabinet up on stage at all! You can monitor yourself via the common stage-monitor wedge and save a lot of backache and cargo costs.

Not to mention your band mates and mixing engineerwho might just love you for leaving this very loud sound source at home! Of course, you might still be drawn to the raw energy that a real cabinet can bring to the rehearsal room and live stage.

To prevent the amp sound going through two guitar cabinets in a row, the virtual cabinet can be switched off for the outputs feeding the monitor and speakers, while remaining active for the main outputs feeding the PA. Now, as the real cabinet is only being used as your personal monitor, you can adjust your volume on stage independently, without affecting the signal volume going to front-of-house. Let's face it - rocking-out at home is difficult for most of us.


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