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Protecting the lives and honor of their clansmen is an integral part of the Kings' duties. After a video depicting the heinous murder of a Red Clansman spreads virally, the unassuming student Yashiro Isana is accused of homicide. Now, a manhunt is underway for his head, bringing him into contact with the infamous "Black Dog" Kurou Yatogami—a skilled swordsman and martial artist determined to follow the wishes of his late master, the Seventh King.

Meanwhile, the current Red King, Mikoto Suou, faces his own imminent demise as the search for Yashiro narrows. But during Yashiro's struggle to prove his innocence, a greater conspiracy is unraveling behind the scenes; clouds begin to appear in his memory, and close friends start to question his very existence.

What began as a simple murder is now leading towards a full blown war between Kings with the very fate of the world at stake. The list is based on the audi May 3, AM by tsubasalover Discuss comments. It was announced on the K anime project official website, as well as during the "K: Do you know K?

Apr 30, AM by tsubasalover Discuss 88 comments. Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Edit What would you like to edit? Add to My List. Add to Favorites. Synonyms: K-Project, K -eine weitere Geschichte. Type: TV.

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Premiered: Fall Licensors: Viz Media. Studios: GoHands. Score: 7. Ranked: 2 2 based on the top anime page. Ranked Popularity MembersFall TV GoHands. PV English dub version. More characters. More staff. Edit Opening Theme.

k project

Edit Ending Theme. More reviews Reviews. Jan 1, Overall Rating : Dec 29, Overall Rating : 6. Mar 20, Overall Rating : 9. Mar 30, More discussions.

Poll: K Episode 1 Discussion 1 2 3 4 Which year was the best?K is a anime series produced by the studio GoHands and directed by Shingo Suzuki. It began airing in Japan on October 4, and ended on December 27, Animax Asia began airing the episodes on with the same release schedule as in Japan.

The series has been licensed by Viz Media in North America, and have also streamed the episodes on the VizAnime video site. On December 27,a sequel was announced for the series. Yashiro Isana has lived a relatively ordinary, simple life.

He lives in the technology-advanced Tokyo Metropolis [3] and attends Ashinaka High Schoola notable high school that is located on an island just outside the areas. Yashiro is friendly with everyone. Nothing ever seems wrong about, except perhaps his habit of forgetting where his school's PDA is.

No one knows who exactly killed him but the man responsible bears an uncanny, identical appearance to Yashiro.

Wiz Khalifa - KK ft. Project Pat and Juicy J [Official Video]

Everyone suspects that Yashiro is the murderer. But whether the guilt is his is not clear. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save. Fan Feed 0 Yashiro Isana. Universal Conquest Wiki. K: Missing Kings.Shiro is an easygoing teenager content with just being a student - until his seemingly perfect life is halted when a bloodthirsty clan, glowing red with fire, attempts to kill him in the streets.

Unbeknownst to Shiro, he is suspected of murdering a member of their clan and will need a miracle to escape their vengeance. Miraculously, a young man named Kuroh Yatogami swings in and aids Shiro in his getaway, only to reveal he's also after Shiro's life.

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Neko is a survivor of the Kagutsu Crater. She lost her memories as a result - not even knowing her name, lost and confused, found a man and woman to take care of her. Due to her new powers as a strain, she unknowingly made them believe she was their daughter - a mirror to the son they had lost in the Kagutsu incident. She altered everyone's memories around her, using the books she read as her plot lines. However, she could not alter a certain cat's memories.

k project

Every time she would try to use her illusion on him, he would walk away, uncaring, back to an old man who called her by another name. That name scared her, though she didn't know why, so she spent much of her time away from the old man, wary and unsure of what he was doing. She fancied herself a magician at the time - borrowing the term from books and anime she'd read and knowing it made her unique.

They meet Nagare Hisui, who is near the Dresden Slate. They engage in dialogue, and doing so their Swords of Damocles show themselves. That was the signal for Anna Kushina to proceed with the plan that Yashiro had for destroying the Slate. More on the Episode Later, after hearing about a grimly tale regarding a young boy's death, they all decide to see whether there is a ghost lurking around the beach. It soon becomes evident that there is someone visiting during the night.

More on the Chapter Kuroh Yatogami finally makes it into Shizume City where he officially begins his search for the current Colorless King. He soon discovers that another organization, HOMRAis after the same target; apparently, one of their own Clansmen has been murdered by the Colorless King himself.

Kuroh's motivation rises as he nears his meeting with the man on his death wish. Tsumetai Heya, Hitori. Template:Bottom left content. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Welcome to K Project Wiki!

This is an extensive, ever-growing database dedicated to the K series by GoRA. Anyone is free to edit and help expand our knowledge of the series. Featured Picture. Mikoto Suoh is ranked as 3rd amongst other Kings? Kuroh Yatogami possesses a miniature doll of his deceased master when the latter was a young adult? Saruhiko Fushimi possesses both Red and Blue Aura?

Strains can exist as animals, too? The doll on Kuroh Yatogami's cell phone is designed to look like his late master, Ichigen Miwa? Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken. Kimetsu no Yaiba. Black Blood Brothers. Categories :.Shiro and Neko finally make it to the level where Hisui awaits them. Determined to free the world from the Slates' influence, Shiro activates his final plan to destroy the Dresden Slates once and for The war between the Blue and Red clans intensifies as Suoh and Munakata finally face off.

Weismann, the Silver King. A year has passed since the School Island incident, where four of the seven kings fought for their lives to stop the evil Colorless King. Since then, Silver King Yashiro Isana has gone missing and Check out the movies and shows we're excited about this month, including " Star Trek: Discovery " and After We Collided.

See the full list. A young boy is wanted for a crime he has no recollection of committing and must go on the run, hunted by two kings and their forces. Started the "K" series with the manga then the light novels and finally the anime.

All of them have different stories and to really enjoy the anime one needs to read the background story with the chronological order being the Light Novels- Manga and finally the anime.

But the story seem confusing, out of place with all the focus on the seventh king and no emphasis given on the Red or Blue clan. It's all silly humor and no tension, coming from reading the books and manga i was disappointed. As we get to the mid way of the series that is the sixth episode things start getting interesting.

The plot starts moving and we get plenty of action and on whats really happening becoming clear. The ending is Great I really like the "K" world and am looking forward to the second season. Looking for some great streaming picks?

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k project

Technical Specs. Episode List. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews.

Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions.It's been a year since the disappearance of Shiro, the Silver King; Kurou Yatogami and Neko have been diligent in their search, but to no end. Now, the members of Scepter 4 are called upon alongside Kurou and Neko in order to rescue Anna, the mascot, and only female member of the ruined Red Clan, from the enemy's clutches and hopefully find Shiro using the young girl's powers.

Amidst crisis, the group is forced into a power struggle when the Green Clan threatens to overtake the Gold King's domain. The second step in the K Project series, K: Missing Kingscontinues the story of a young boy caught up in a psychic war between seven kings, and showcases each character's struggles after the losses of their respective Kings. Mar 6, AM by Sakana-san Discuss 12 comments. In this thread, you'll find a comprehensive list of anime and manga licensed in the fourth quarter Oct-Dec of Fall anime which were licensed before the Sep 27, PM by Snow Discuss 92 comments.

Hide Ads Login Sign Up. K: Missing Kings. Edit What would you like to edit? Add to My List. Add to Favorites. Type: Movie. Licensors: Viz Media. Studios: GoHands. Score: 7. Ranked: 2 2 based on the top anime page. Ranked Popularity MembersMovie GoHands. Trailer VIZ Media ver. More videos.

More characters. More staff.

Edit Opening Theme. Edit Ending Theme. More reviews Reviews. Jul 23, Overall Rating : 9. Aug 2, Overall Rating : 8. Apr 26, May 1, More discussions. More Top Airing Anime 1 Haikyuu!! Add Detailed Info. Screening in Japanese theaters began on July 12, Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. K: Return of Kings. K: Missing Kings - Manner Movie.Yashiro Isana, also known as Shiro, is wanted for a crime he has no recollection of committing. No hidden fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments.

Start Your Free Trial. Season 1 2. Season 1 Season 2. Dub Knave. A year has passed since the School Island incident Sub Knave. A year has passed since the School Island incident, where four of the seven kings fought for their lives to stop the evil Colorless King. Dub Kindness. Sub Kindness. Dub Kismet. Sub Kismet.

Green King Nagare Hisui orders his two most powerful clansmen Dub Knot. Silver King Yashiro Isana finally makes his return Sub Knot. Dub Ken. Sub Ken. Dub Keeper. Sub Keeper. Dub Kickdown. Green King Hisui Nagare enters battle. Unleashing his tremendous power, Hisui quickly makes his way up towards Mihashira Tower, where the other three kings stand by ready to face him.


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