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Our selection of German militaria collectables currently for sale. Updated everyday, add this page to your favorites if ou like these military items. On this page you will find a selection of authentic WW2 German militariaincluding rare collectables. Our team daily selects the rarest German military items for collectors, and also the more common items at good price.

Of course, it is. German militaria items are interesting non-political objects and it is important to collect and study them. On the contrary, political objects promoting the ideas of the 3rd Reich are forbidden on the web. Sometimes the distinction is not that easy for WW2 German uniforms for exampleif you have any doubts, check your local law as it is not the same in Australia, in the States or in the UK.

German militaria for sale

It depends of course of the rarity of the item, its quality, its history and the number of bidders. If you are looking for more affordable items, click on the "Next page" button below our selection. Well you're on the right place. We select the best militaria items from various serious sellers online. Just click on the item you like and we will automatically redirect you towards the merchant site eBay, Catawiki If you have any questions about a German militaria item, you should have a look on German militaria forums online.

German militaria for sale Our selection of German militaria collectables currently for sale. WW2 German militaria for sale : On this page you will find a selection of authentic WW2 German militariaincluding rare collectables. Is German militaria trade legal? Where to buy German militaria?We use only the finest quality materials available and original, Third Reich specifications to provide the very best examples for your collection or impression. Dealer Application.

Numbered Panzer Assault Badges. Stickpins on Sale. US and French Medals. Select Militaria Book Titles. Edged Weapon. Erel Visor Cap Overstock.

The World of JAPANESE WORLD WAR II REENACTORS (Bringing History to Life)

One of a Kind Caps. Shoulder Boards Overstock Sale. Other Militaria Items.

imperial militaria

German Militaria. Edged Weapons. Dagger Blades. Dagger Parts. Daggers and Bayonets - High Quality. Economy Daggers. Miniature Daggers. Officer's Swords.

Simichrome Polish. Combat Badge Stickpins.

imperial militaria

Eagle Stickpins.All rights reserved. Klasse mit Schwertern. The Bavarian Military Merit Cross was established July 19th by King Ludwig II and was awarded to enlisted soldiers for acts of bravery and military merit with swords.

It is constructed out of a multi-piece die struck bronze base that has been bronze washed. The obverse features two separately soldered on roundels which depicts Read and See More.

The last one was awarded in It is constructed out of a die struck steel base that has been bronze plated. The obverse depicts a centrally Klasse The Red Eagle Order with Swords was awarded for military service from It is constructed out of a multi-piece bronze base that has been gold gilded and contains white, red, green, gold and black enamel work.

The obverse features a round medallion with a red royal crowned Prussian eagle clutching a The back connector, buckles, bands and clips are all injection molded aluminum alloy based. The buckles and bands depict beautiful oak leaves and acorns throughout. The well working clips have a touch of pebbled detail to them.

All of these components are held Hindenburg Cross without Swords by G The last one was German Imperial era and Veteran Medals. Two are missing their rings, all of them are missing their ribbons. See More. Friedrich August III. Die stamped bronze base. Deutsches Turnfest Juli Sort by price desc item no. ITEM K Imperial German fire brigade helmet. ITEM Baden" reservist's mug. Imperial Germany - field shovel with holster.

Weimar Republic - Reichswehr field shovel with holster Imperial Germany - ammunition pouch M "Probe". Czechoslovakia - M34 steel helmet.

Silesian Eagle Order 1st Class. Bavaria - Military Merit Cross 2nd with swords - Deschler. Login to view uncensored pictures.

Imperial Germany - lot of cap cockades. Imperial Germany - M ammunition pouch.

imperial militaria

Imperial Germany - unknown officer's epaulettes. Imperial Germany - piccolo with quiver. Imperial Germany - piccolo with quiver - Italy - WW2 tanker's leather protective helmet. Saxony - Friedrich August shooting medal. France - WW1 trench periscope. Imperial Germany - M field shovel with holster. Imperial Germany - binoculars in case C.

Goerz, 6x Heli-Trieder. Imperial Germany - SF15 periscope - right arm.

WW1 and Imperial German militaria

Imperial Germany - white linen trousers. Imperial Germany - Drilich Trousers Imperial Germany - M16 parade helmet. Saxony - two epaulettes Oberleutnant. Bavaria - 2 Prinzregent Luitpold shooting medals. Prussia - Dragoner-Regiment 12 cavalry epaulettes - EM. Imperial Germany - bowl KPM around Third Reich - 2 Wehrmacht equipment pouches. Imperial Germany - field telephone. Prussia - 2. Imperial Germany - front cloth for an Ulan tunic. Saxony - 3 shoulder boards - EM.

Imperial Germany - "Armeefernsprecher" field telephone leather case.Documenting the wide range of medals, awards, badges, and fobs from imperial Japan roughly to Here is a brief introduction to Japanese medals. Do you have Japanese or Manchukuo medals to sell? Last updated: April 11, Make sure you refresh the page. Thanks for your interest in my site. By clicking on the Patreon image above, you can support this site by subscribing. Please help me continue to provide valuable information in English about Japanese medals and badges.

I will email you the file within 24 hours after payment. This is an ebook, NOT a paper book. Japan Horse Administration Bureau The book is 18 pages and the cost is yen. Includes full translations of the Imperial Ordinances for the nine War Medals, the twelve Commemorative Medals, and the six Manchukuo medals. The ordinances specify the designs, the dates, the conditions of eligibility, and other essential details.

Photos of the medals, most cases, and most award documents included. The book is 94 pages and the cost is yen. The book is 21 pages and the cost is yen. No commentary, just translations for each picture.

I mperial Soldier Support Association The book is 8 pages and the cost is 1 9 0 yen. G reat Japan Aviation Association The book is 2 2 pages and the cost is 25 0 yen. The book is 1 6 pages and the cost is 19 0 yen.Sort by price desc item no. ITEM Oswald Boelcke - bronze bust ITEM K Zeppelin L12 "Harwich attack" remembrance picture.

Login to view uncensored pictures. Prinzregent Luitpold of Bavaria bust - Russia - Order of Saint Stanislaus 2nd Class. Imperial Germany - M16 "MG troops" camo helmet. Poland - Husar sabre around - number matching. Kaiserliche Marine naval tunic with shooting badge. Bavaria - M officer's Tschapka 2. Bavaria - impressive veterans table decoration. Imperial Germany - WW1 aircraft propeller stand. Hesse - M damascus officer's cavalry sabre. Imperial Russia - unknown enamel badge.

Bavaria - Inf. Bavarian Military Merit Order 5-place medal bar. Bavaria - officer's "buffalo hair" parade bush in container. Dragoner-Regiment 16 - photo album. Imperial Germany - M18 helmet - TJ Imperial Germany - WW1 aircraft propeller with barometer. WK1 M17 Austrian helmet.

Prussia - Hussar officer's sash.Welcome to Fortunes of War Militaria! This website is an outgrowth of my interest in the study of Japanese World War Two era military history and of its material culture. In addition, we include post-war G. As my appreciation of and passion for Japanese good luck signed flags hinomaru yosegaki and stitch belts senninbari grew, I was disappointed by the lack of primary research material available on the subject.

This site developed as a natural progression in the search, by novice as well as advanced collectors, for genuine items. It is my intention to satisfy all of those goals. My name is Dr. Michael Bortner. I first became interested in Japanese good luck signed flags more than fifty years ago, when I was in grade school. A passion for flags in general, later developed into a specific interest in finding and then acquiring an authentic, vintage hinomaru yosegaki.

As luck would have it, a chance encounter with a dealer at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Southern California, led to that early purchase. My first one-thousand stitch belt or senninbari came a few years later, when I discovered a beautiful tiger stitched example at the old Great Western Show in Pomona, California. I still own both items; each form the center of a collecting passion that burns brightly today. As my collection of signed flags and senninbari belts developed, so too did my interest in Japanese military send-off culture and customs.

After years of study and research, I was led in to write the book, Imperial Japanese Good Luck Flags and One-Thousand Stitch Beltsautographed copies available for sale on this website. That page hardcover book along with its numerous illustrations, photos and translations made available for the first time some of the important history and meaning behind the development, fabrication and presentation of the good luck flag and one-thousand stitch belt.

This website is an outgrowth of the expanding interest in the continued study of World War Two era military history and of its material culture. Today we updated the website. I hope that everyone is bearing up well under the Covid lock-down. Everyone take care and stay safe! The website will be closed from thru as we will be attending the Show of Shows in Louisville, KY.

We look forward to seeing many of our new friends and catching up with our old ones as well. Similarly, if you have not yet purchased an autographed copy of my first book, Imperial Japanese Good Luck Flags and One-Thousand Stitch Beltsthis is your opportunity to have one personalized at the Show. Ron is the author of two acclaimed books on Japanese World War Two aviation.

Ron spent a number of years living in Japan, where he had access to some of the last surviving Japanese airmen from the War. That interview makes for another terrific insight into the lives of both Japanese and U. Many of you have expressed an interest in purchasing a copy of the book or in placing a pre-release order. As updates come to me, I will send them along to all of you. I would like to thank everyone again for your interest and communications; they are all much appreciated!

Regards, Michael Bortner. Before deciding to sell to someone else or taking your chances with online auctions, please consider contacting me here first. Welcome to Fortunes of War Militaria. About Dr. Recent Updates!

I remain working closely with the publisher in order to bring the manuscript to print. When I receive any further news or release dates, I will be sure to post them here in a fresh update. Regards, Michael Bortner! Happy New Year to you all! Please stay tuned for upcoming additions to the website.


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