How many units in a cc

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how many units in a cc

Ifas I suspect, your trying to figure out how to administer HCG for instance and you have an amp that is IU and you want IU, then after mixing the solution with the sterile water you would draw halfe the solution regardless of volume CC to get IU. Does that help? I think? Last edited by harmonic; May at PM. Last edited by bissenmir; May at PM. Am I full of shit or can you no more convert IU to a cc than you can convert mg to a cc??Thank you.

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made in building this calculator, we are not to be held liable for any damages or monetary losses arising out of or in connection with the use of it. This tool is here purely as a service to you, please use it at your own risk. Full disclaimer. Do not use calculations for anything where loss of life, money, property, etc could result from inaccurate calculations.

Should you wish to calculate the volume or capacity of an object or space, you can do so using the cubic feet calculator. You can also convert between cubic feet and gallons here. For an explanation of converting fluid ounces to milliliters, see the oz to mL question thread. You can also find out about how to convert gallons to ounces and cups to ounces. To help with productivity, we now set a cookie to store the last units you have converted from and to.

This means that when you re-visit this liquid volume converter, the units will automatically be selected for you. Warning: It is necessary to enable JavaScript for full calculator functionality. Here are some instructions for how to enable JavaScript in your browser. How Many Cubic Feet is my Refrigerator? How Big Is A Hectare? Days Between Dates Days Until Add to phone. Spelling: American British. Round decimal places : 1 2 3 4 - Convert.

Use this liquid volume converter to convert instantly between barrels, cubic feet, gallons, liters, pints, tablespoons and other metric and imperial liquid volume units.

Like this?Discussion in ' Men's Health Forum ' started by meatheadJul 12, Jul 12, 1. How do I convert I. I want to follow swale's dosing for hcghowever, Im not sure how to measure I.

So if I take i. Hope you could help me out. Im supposed to start tomorrow, but I could always start next week. Jul 12, 2. Jul 12, 3.

How to Calculate Volume in Cubic Centimeters

Unless you have novarel or pregnyl which come with 10 ml's of water. What do you have and what quantities? Jul 12, 4. And 2. This means if I filled the slin pin up to 25 units, I would be taking 2, I. The reason I'm confused is because I have taken hcg before but the above dosage was the one I took It was 25 units on the slin pin everyday for 14 days.

I assumed that this amount was i. But That would mean that I was taking 2, iu's of hcg a day!!! That is an enormous amount of hcg per day!!! Now Im beginning to believe that the hcg that I had was fake shit. As of now my sex drive is normal, and everything is fine. So maybe I took fake shit and my testosterone levels just gradually increased like they naturally would by itself right?

how many units in a cc

This was way back in mid December of With that dosage that I was taking, this would mean that my balls would of been totally unfunctional and I would of gotten bad bitch tits, etc. But Im perfectly fine and plan on doing another cycle in September of this year again. By the way, this dosage question is for my friend that was supposed to start this week on hcg, but before he started he wanted me to make sure that the dosage I was taking was correct.

Im totally confused now. Im assuming that I took too much and he would of took too much also. Im supposed to start a cycle in September of this year, but I dont think I will be taking the same kind of hcg, and the same dosage I was taking before.Assuming you're talking about the 'standard' U strength of insulin for humans, that would be 50 units of insulin. Thank goodness we've got nurses over here, in the UK, that know how to work out insulin doses.

I've just realised [realized, if you are, in fact, one of my American cousins] that you're talking about HCG. Do NOT use an insulin syringe for this if you don't know what you're doing.

You need to check this out with a doctor or your pharmacist. This will depend on the concentration of the HCG. Most insulin syringes are marked for U insulin, meaning that regular insulin has units per 1 ml. In that case, filling the syringe to 0. It's not marked for HCG or other drugs that have different dose concentrations.

You can still use it, but be careful with converting your numbers. The HCG I am familiar with comes in 10 ml vials containing a total of 10, units. If that's the case for what you're using, 0. By way of my own example, I use units of HCG per day, which is 0. Bottom line is to double check the vial you purchased and if you reconstituted it, make sure you added the right amount of bacteriostatic water.

Usually they give you a 10 ml vial of water and you use the whole thing to mix up a 10, unit vial. Sometimes it sells in 5, unit vials with a 5 ml water bottle. The good news is that regular HCG is sold and dosed in units and your syringes are also set up that way, so it's just factors of 10 to convert what you want into the markings on the syringe barrel. That conversion is a bit more involved but still very doable with insulin syringes. I won't bother to get into that unless you want more info on that.

That would be 50 u's. There is u's of insulin in every ml of u insulin. A u insulin syringe is marked in u's so the 50 u mark corresponds with a volume of 0. If you are planning on injecting HCG for weight loss, you should reconsider. It's amazing that so many people are willing to inject themselves on little more than spam. Be careful with insulin too much can kill. What you're asking is a very very small amount on the insulin syringe.

Taking hcg. Answer Save. Edit: Oops! Kenneth G Lv 4. Source s : Certified pharmacy technician and longtime lab tech. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. John W Lv 7. Donna Wynn. Still have questions?

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Get your answers by asking now.Calculating volume is just another way of saying that you're measuring the amount of space inside a three-dimensional object.

You can use standardized formulas for calculating the volume of shapes like cubes, cylinders and spheres, as long as you know their basic measurements. Begin by first finding the area of the circle at one end. Multiply this result by the cylinder's height to get its volume. If that same cylinder is 8 cm tall, its volume is Begin by first cubing its radius.

Make sure that any measurements you're using to calculate volume are all in the same unit. Volume can be expressed in cubic centimeters, or in milliliters.

One milliliter is equal to one cubic centimeter, or one cc, for short. If your initial measurements are given in inches, multiply them by 2. You can also convert a result in cubic inches to cubic centimeters, although the conversion factor is different: Multiply cubic inches by Lisa studied mathematics at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, and spent several years tutoring high school and university students through scary -- but fun! About the Author. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd.I'm looking at the directions for J and want to know where I can verify this Post a Comment.

This post has Most used J code list and we are constantly updating with example. If you are looking particular J code, use search button. We are enforcing this requirement as part of our effort to reduce overall costs to the health care system. NDCs are the industry standard identifier for drugs and provide full transparency to the medication administered.

They accurately identify the manufacturer, drug name, dosage, strength, package size and quantity What drug codes require the NDC to be submitted on professional claims effective Jan. The NDC is found on the prescription drug label of the drug container e. The NDC is a universal number that identifies a drug or related drug item.

The NDC number consists of 11 digits with hyphens separating the number into three segments in a format. The first five digits identify the manufacturer of the drug and are assigned by the FDA. The remaining digits are assigned by the manufacturer and identify the specific product and package size.

Sometimes the NDC on the label does not include 11 digits. If this occurs, it will be necessary to add a leading zero to the appropriate section to create a configuration i. A valid NDC without spaces or hyphens should be placed on the medical claim. This unit of measure will primarily be used in the retail pharmacy setting and not for physician-administered drug billing.


ML Milliliter If a drug is supplied in a vial in liquid form, bill in millimeters. An office visit will not be paid. The administration fee covers the skill, evaluation, and management required to administer the chemotherapy agent.

However, when there are significant separately identifiable services, those services must be reported using modifier When administering multiple infusions, injections, or combinations, only one initial service code should be reported, unless protocol requires that two separate IV sites must be used.

how many units in a cc

If an injection or infusion is of a subsequent or concurrent nature, even if it is the first such service within a group of services, then a subsequent or concurrent code from the appropriate section should be reported. IV line flush between drugs is considered part of the drug administration service and not reimbursed separately. One payment for a heparin flush is covered at the conclusion of the infusion. What was administered?As a side note: 1 kg is defined as the weight of water in that 10 centimeter cube.

This is also one liter. Unfortunately the phrase "A liter's a kilogram the world around" doesn't have the same ring as "A pint's a pound the world around".

Different substances weigh different amounts and take up different amounts of space. And even within that, you have different dilutions. Good god, you can get Augmentin in what, at least 6 different strengths, all 5mL? On a powder or dissolvable medication that must have liquid added to be injected, you dissolve it as stated by the pharmacy and by the doctor's Rx.

You can have mg of medication and add it to a Liter, to 1mL, to a gallon. If you don't know how to do it, then you call the pharmacist and you ask. A liter is a cube 10 cm on a side. Kenneth J. Answer Save. Thomas C Lv 6. One liter is defined as the volume of a 10 cm cube. Here is a handy unit conversion program you can download for free. Mary ann. This Site Might Help You.

How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Lorraine Lv 4. One cubic centimeter is the same as one milliliter.

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